Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to Bracelet Book!

Welcome To Bracelet Book!

My Name is Amnesia. I make and sell bracelets and keychains.  As of now my keychains are on homemade keychain pieces, but that should change soon enough. If you want to buy a bracelet, Talk to me, or just want to be mentioned on Bracelet Book, Email me at

I get most of my bracelet patterns of of (click here to go to the website) If there is any specific pattern on the website that you would like to buy from me, Email me the pattern and your wrist size in inches (or centimeters!) and we will talk about prices. Remember, my email is at You have no obligation to buy anything when you email me, you can cancel your order at anytime. But just to tell you, if you cancel out an order once it has been started, that wastes the bracelet, and that makes it reallhy hard for me to make the money I need.

Thank you!

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